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Jibril Sulaiman

Business Consultant | Marketing Guru

Owner - BeautyBizSupport

Last summer, the Beauty Biz Support team took over marketing for a new PMU beauty business started by a member of Jibril's family. With over 20 years of experience as a small business owner and as a tech startup founder, Jibril (and team) introduced a clear understanding of business operations & marketing. They quickly applied their experience to her new microblading business. It only took a few months, but they doubled, then quadrupled her PMU Brow appointments & sales per week. One week of sales now exceeds an entire month of sales 6 months prior. Because of the BBS team's business and marketing expertise, her beauty business is now on track to do nearly $195k in annualized sales.

The Beauty Biz Support team is committed to providing similar outcomes for other beauty business owners.

Kimberly Williams

Business Writer

What We'll Discuss During This Marketing Coaching Call

🔥Audit your current online presence and get on track to attract!

🔥How to build ads with thumb-stopping creatives!

🔥How to design a landing page that converts your traffic into bookings!

🔥Integrating your existing booking software with a CRM that does all of the heavy lifting when communicating with prospects.

Includes but is not limited to:

✔Automated voice dialing

✔Automated text messaging

✔Email, FB messaging, IG DM, chat widget

✔Google My Business.

🔥Evaluating your Google My Business profile and why it's a game-changer!

🔥Setting up your socials to auto-post content daily even if you're not posting!

What You’ll Do Before the Call

FIRST - Check your inbox for the confirmation email of your scheduled call with our team! We will be using Google Meeting for the video chat.

IMPORTANT: Block off the time in your schedule and mark it on your calendar. Appointments CANNOT be rescheduled.

What Happens During the Call

SECOND - Jibril will review your business with you. He'll ask you 30 questions that will help assess the state of your business and how BBS can help it grow.

As common courtesy in our industry (think about how you feel when you get a no-show), please be ready ON TIME for your scheduled time in front of your computer.

What Happens After the Call

THIRD - He'll provide you with the steps and tools needed to grow your business to achieve your booking goals!

We much rather you be comfortable knowing that you're talking to the real deal so we can get straight to the good stuff! :)

About Jibril

Jibril Sulaiman is an entrepreneur of 20 years, who has an innate passion for providing tools of economic empowerment for marginalized communities. Over the years he has also spent over $300k on marketing businesses large and small.

Jibril’s passion for coaching others stemmed from his own experiences in building a career as a small business owner from 2000-2010, as a first-time tech founder in 2011, and as a board member for his hometown’s Chamber of Commerce. Jibril propelled his first tech company, Paysell, to #484 on the Inc5000 list in 2016 doubling his company's sales for 3 years to $9.8 million in sales in 2015. As the owner of Beauty Biz Support, Jibril’s mission is to provide beauty business owners with the tools, insight, and expertise needed to prosper.

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Robin Sharmaine

Brow Artist | Owner | Bladed Glory Studio

Jibril assisted me in setting up the marketing, operations, and customer support for my microblading business.

237 Leads in April*

$12,925 in Sales for May*

*Based on May/June 2022 internal sales and conversion data.

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